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TentLabs XO 11.289 MHz for QLS QA-550

If you have read my previous entry about QLS QA-550 SD Card Player, probably you still remember that I plan to upgrade the clock. Well, finally my TentLabs Low Jitter 11.289 MHz clock has arrived. We are about to begin,...
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Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player Reclock Guide (with “Poor’s Man X-Ray Technique”)

It’s been awhile since my last mod of Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player here, here, and here. Now, it’s time for more fun. I plan to reclock the DVD Player with TentLabs XO2 reclock module. The first and most tempting job...
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TentLabs XO2 @ 27 MHz

I need some touch for my old Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player. So here is the TentLabs XO2 @ 27 MHz, a perfect yet affordable reclock solution for my wallet. This is actually a simple PCB. Not all parts used, since...
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