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Universal Tube Power Supply Unit Design Plan

As a DIY, I think it’s important to have a dedicated power supply module. I have tried several design, but finally got tired if I have to finalized the build into something complete. Not to mention that space might be...
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Trio Tamura Choke

Tamura’s iron is not new kid on the block. They have been here for a quite long time. Even Westerner also admits the quality of Tamura (well, we can see some contenders from West side but hardly to beat Japanese...
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Hashimoto C-25-150CH Choke Input and Tamura A-4004 Choke

As  my Sowter Choke Input was acquisitioned by my friend. Then I have to consider some replacement. Actually my friend was interested with Hashimoto or similar, but as most of the Choke Input was designed for power amp, instead of...
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