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Potting Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer

After first part here, I think it’s time to experiment more with this SPDIF Transformer. What could be worst than potting it into a custom enclosure? Nanana, I can’t even imagine… Below is the final result: The potted transformer vs...
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Mounting Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer

Scientific Conversion SPDIF Transformer is quite unique. The appearance is 8-pins SMD, but the footprint is nowhere on the 8-pins SMD one. I have tried BrownDog PCB to mount, but it just doesn’t fit (or I pick wrong PCB). But...
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SPDIF Pulse Transformer Scientific Conversion SC947-02 “SUPER”

I was thinking what was the alternative to replace my standard Pulse Transformer PE-65612 on my QLS QA-660. Actually I had several options, but after some simple research, eventually I ended my journey on Scientific Conversion product, the SC947-02 “SUPER”....
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