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Another DIY Audio Gathering at Bintaro, Indonesia

As usual, every certain period, the local DIY audio group in Indonesia will have a small gathering in Bintaro. This is one of the favorite place (there are some other smaller places, but usually the biggest gathering always held here)....
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Amplifier Measurement Day at Bintaro

It’s a sunny Saturday. It has been agreed to have a measurement of some amplifier to check their power output. Located at Bintaro, I bring my Rigol Oscilloscope and Sanwa True RMS Multitester. Both should be enough to give rough...
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Solid State Blind Test Session

It was a nice day, a little bit rainy at the morning. I went to Bintaro (Mr. Didik home) to enjoy a Solid State Blind Test session. After around 1.5 hours traffic, finally I arrived there. We used equipments as...
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