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Grayhill Rotary Switch + Texas Components TX2575 Resistor = Ultimate Volume Control?

One thing that might have been my habit is I like to go with ultimate option. Not necessarily to be the most expensive, but more on the top quality and near perfection product. Unfortunately, most of top quality product is...
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Grayhill Rotary Switch as Stepped Attenuator

I have used several good brands of potentiometer. But once upon a time, I decided to stick with stepped attenuator. My first was DACT which using SMD resistor and configured in series. They were factory made, so just paid and...
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Grayhill 7 Decks, 1 Pole, 24 Position Rotary Switch

I always have dream to have a separate and dedicated passive volume control. There was a time when I was offered to acquire few sets of Grayhill ‘M’ series rotary switch. Although it has 7 Decks which definitely overkill for...
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