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Tracing Asus Xonar Essence One PCB [Deeper and Deeper]

As I have informed on previous post here, the best way to trace the PCB is to remove as much component as possible. This to make sure some of your tracing process are accurate. Although not mandatory, but seeing I...
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Tracing Asus Xonar Essence One PCB

The first thing that we have to do before doing some mods activity is to find out who is where, why, and doing what. We can easily exclude when and how 😉 First, we need a AVO Meter. Any brand...
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Asus Xonar Essence One Power Supply: Removing the Capacitors

Removing the capacitor from a through-hole PCB never become an easy job. But for the sake of modification, that is the only way and surely no way back. I spent nearly one hour to remove those 6 capacitors on the...
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Asus Xonar Essence One Power Supply

Still remember Asus Xonar Essence One DAC? It’s time to disassembly the power supply. It’s separated on small PCB. Good design as this makes my life more beautiful, although it’s not an easy job to disassemble it. It has 3 power supply...
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  • TestingJimCaps

Testing the New ‘No Name’ Capacitor

I believe you still remember this one? I think it’s time to give a short review of it. As comparison, I will use Jensen 4-Pole capacitor as both has same capacitance (470 uF). Caveat: The Jensen 4-Pole has been used...
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  • SpecialProject

No Name Yet…

Before your mind gone wild, let me give you a clue: This is not a film capacitor… Specially designed capacitor based on my ‘short’ experience testing a lot of capacitors. No name yet, until it passes the sound quality test...
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Bennic XPP Capacitor Orientation Check

During a lazy Saturday afternoon, there was a person asked on one of the mailing list about the orientation of the Bennic FPP capacitor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Bennic FPP on my shelves. Only XPP was available. So here...
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  • Jensen Ceramic

Jensen Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil Ceramic Tube Capacitor

Jensen has 4 types in their Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil line-up capacitor. Actually, they are same capacitor, but only has different chassis or enclosure. Unfortunately, the different in enclosure produces different sound (and eventually different price). I’m not saying the most...
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  • 2-Receiver

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Marantz PM400AVK Modification]

After the Part I has been done, now I continue to the Part II. On this 2nd part, I will see what’s wrong with the Marantz PM400AVK. Simple testing method is to try it on other speaker. Initial diagnosis is...
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  • AuricapXO

New Auricap XO Capacitor

So far, Auricap is one of my trusted capacitor brand – in power supply section. I still remember ‘few’ years back (when using this capacitor for the very first time) and comparing with Solen, Hovland, and Bennic XPP in my...
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  • CAST Comparison 2

Duelund CAST New Chassis Design

I ordered Duelund CAST Cu capacitor few months ago. I already have Duelund CAST Ag (Silver) on my Aikido Preamp. But I wanted Duelund CAST for my future amp (probably it’s gonna be another abandoned project?). As the CAST Ag...
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  • Alexander

Alexander by Duelund

It’s interesting to hear how does this low end capacitor would sound. So I eventually try to obtain it. I just can’t stop my passion in this. Sigh… Priced at very low value (just a little bit more expensive than...
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