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Universal Tube Power Supply Unit Design Plan

As a DIY, I think it’s important to have a dedicated power supply module. I have tried several design, but finally got tired if I have to finalized the build into something complete. Not to mention that space might be...
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Another Aikido Power Supply Mod

I just change my old “Aruki” Korean oil-can capacitor to ASC and Mundorf MCap Supreme. The configuration before is 60 uF and 40 uF Aruki Capacitor, now changed to 3.3 uF MCap Supreme and 40 uF ASC X386s. The effect?...
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Nippon Chemi-con RWE 820uF/550VDC

I digged my old boxes and found this old vintage capacitor, Nippon Chemicon RWE 820uF/550VDC. Very big in size (a little bit bigger than my ASC 40uF/440VAC and surely a giant compared to AA battery). This electrolytic capacitor is a...
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