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Shuguang 300BS-B Ceramic Tube Socket

This is quite common tube, 300B by Shuguang. Nothing really special, only white ceramic tube socket, gold plated pins, and carbonized nickel plate. Let’s see how interesting this tube when the filament is powered. The perforated design is interesting than...
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MJ 300B/2A3 Special Edition

A special edition of MJ Audio Technology Magazine from Japan. A must have for 300B/2A3 lover! Quite expensive, especially if you buy it outside Japan....
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No Brand “300B Western Electric-like” and Valve Art/Shuguang Mesh 300B

A nice “300B Western Electric-like” tube from China and 300BS from Shuguang/Valve Art with Mesh design. Must be interesting to see how they both perform in the real world. Both are also very cheap for 300B tube....
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