It has been a long journey, me, as a DIY in this “audiophile” (or “idiot-phile” world). Listening cable’s sound, capacitor’s sound, tube’s sound, resistor’s sound, et cetera. It sounds so stupid and silly for most people. What makes my DIY stuffs sound different from a boom-box which you could find easily on most electronic store (at affordable price)? Why someone must spend $100 or more for a capacitor or vintage tube? Why? If you are that kind of person, I would recommend to leave this page. Because all listed below are completely non-sense for you.

I spent a lot for this kind of stuffs. And now, I’m completely overloaded. I keep some of my stuffs to make sure I will have enough spare for my future projects. The rest of this “junks” must be thrown away (and transferred into cash) for another step of my DIY journey (which never ends).

Some of the pricing might not be cheap. This is due to shipment cost and tax issue. I envy you who lives around the Europe or USA. A lot of great stuffs are there, at reasonable cost. Here, we are stuck with shipment cost (and tax) which might be similar with the unit price itself.

Anyway, I’m not a seller of audio stuff. This is not my main business and I’m not selling in rush. So please understand if mostly I don’t accept any bargain. Even if I have a lot but I don’t want to sell for some reason, it will remain on my shelves. Please understand.

Drop me an email to if you are interested to purchase some of the item below.

All below photos are taken by myself and showing the real appearance and item condition. What you see is what you get. Click the photo for larger size.

PS: Some items already sold out! So I remove them from the list.

Custom PCB for 9-Pin Teflon Tube Socket

Tiring of wiring your 9-Pin Telfon Tube Socket? Plan to connect a bigger wire?
Originally designed for Yamamoto 9-Pin Teflon Tube Socket, but eventually this is also compatible with other Teflon tube socket to. The specification of this PCB is set at premium grade. This 2.5 mm thick red PCB has 2 oz Copper and TG170 grade PCB. All solder pads are through-hole type, double layer with Immersion Gold finish. The holes for the wire is 2.5 mm / AWG 10 (you can connect your giant wire here!), while the holes for the socket’s pin is 2 mm diameter. As this is double layer PCB, you can solder either on the top or bottom side. Feel free! Tracks itself are on the bottom side. Please confirm by mentioning your tube socket brand/type if you have any doubt if this will fit your tube socket. Detail explanation could be read here and here.

Condition: New, never used.

Asking price: US$ 5 (each, not pair).


Jensen 0.47 uF / 630 Volt and 1 uF / 630 Volt Copper Foil/Paper Tube Paper-in-Oil Capacitor

Jensen is also a long time player in the capacitor industry. They not only supply for the audio, but also for another high voltage application in the capacitor industry. One of their latest technology (not really latest)Β  is the capacitor with Paper based chassis. So instead of using Aluminum or Copper as other commonly use, they use Paper as the chassis material (very interesting idea). Inside, the technology also based on famous Paper dielectric (in-Oil) with Pure Copper Foil material. Actually, Jensen has 4 chassis type. From the cheapest to the most expensive, Aluminum, Paper, Copper, then Ceramic. Aluminum may cost around US$ 40 each (for 0.47), while the Paper will jump up to around US$ 100. Copper and Ceramic may cost 10-20% more from Paper.

Condition: New, never used. I will not sell the already passed break-in period, since this capacitor is my current reference for “affordable” capacitor (below my current reference, Duelund CAST Ag).

Asking price (2 pcs or 1 pair):
Rp mail me for latest priceΒ  (0.47 uF / 630 Volt).
Rp mail me for latest price (1 uF / 630 Volt).


Jensen 4-pole Electrolytic Capacitor 470 uF / 450 VDC

Jensen announces their new innovation in the capacitor industry, the 4-pole capacitor. This is not like ordinary multi-pole capacitor with multiple capacitance. This capacitor only has single capacitance, but has 4-poles: One positive input, one negative input, one positive output, and one negative output. What is the point of this? To separate the previous stage (connected to positive/negative input) and next stage (connected to positive/negative output) in your power supply rail (with the Jensen on the center). So basically this Jensen 4-pole will act like an inter-stage transformer which will separate the before and after stage where he is installed. Quite sensational, eh? Best used on the C2 position, to provide ample capacitance and separate unwanted noiseΒ  between C1 and C3. The overall sound of this capacitor tends to be very neutral, plain, perhaps almost no character. Wait after it passes the 200++ hours break-in period, and you will get a very dynamic, clean, smooth, and details from low mid to high, but still remains neutral.

Condition: New, never used.

Asking price (1 pc): Rp mail me for latest price



JAN Raytheon 5842 / 417A Vacuum Tubes

Tube 5842 or 417A is a high transconductance single triode in miniature construction. The design also features low noise (beside high transconductane and medium mu), which is suitable for a single stage design to drive power tube, example like 2A3 (you can search for the schematic around the Internet). So instead of using more expensive 6SN7 or 6SL7, you can try different approach with this single triode miniature tube. The 6.3 volt heater only consumes 300mA of current. With amplification factor of 43, you can have a lot of design possibility. Also, not to mention it’s reasonable price. Reason for selling this is I got enough on hand (check picture).

Condition: Was bought several years ago, claimed as NOS by the seller, but can see some burn marks on the top glass silver getter. Although this burn marks doesn’t always indicating an used tube, but it’s fair enough for the buyer to understand first. Check picture for detail.

Asking price (1 pair): Rp 500.000. Stock for sale is 2 pairs only.


4-DuelundLabel 1-DuelundCASTCustom 2-DuelundLabel

Duelund Coherent Audio VSF Cast PIO Copper 1uF or 0.47uF / 630VDC – Special Custom Edition

Duelund VSF Cast PIO Copper is the ultimate capacitor that money can buy in terms of the musicality. The music flows flawlessly at excellent timing, pace, and rhythm. The tone is just right, not too sweet like Jensen Paper Tube, but not too ‘cold’ like VCap TFTF. The staging is impressive. I would say the tonal is like Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold Oil, but with a lot of extra steroid in terms of musicality. Definitely an excellent choice for ultimate system. I have done several review at here and here. External review from Tony at Holland could be seen here. Be noted that this Duelund VSF Cast PIO Copper is custom order by me directly to Duelund. It has bigger size (around 8 cm diameter and 2-3 cm height) than most available capacitor on earth – so mind your space. The size will follow with the value, so surely 1uF version is bigger than 0.47uF. The lead also has been upgraded by using Duelund 2.0 Silver/Silk cable (well known as Duelund 2.0 interconnect cable). You will never get this version available anywhere on the Internet (except if someone is selling this as second hand, probably upgrading to the Silver/Ag version). The only way to get this is by ordering directly to Duelund. As other custom order, the price is very expensive and you have to wait minimum 2 months in order for Duelund to produce. Even you have so much money to pay more, you will not get this product faster. I have two values (1 pair each): 1uF/630VDC and 0.47uF/630VDC. I plan to use only one pair of them (both values are usable for me). So you will have opportunity to select whether you need 1uF or 0.47uF.

Condition: New, never used.

Asking price (1 pair): Drop me an email if you are really serious! But surely it’s not gonna be cheap πŸ™‚


Knight 600B Emission Based Tube Tester

One of the most popular, easy to use, and affordable Tube Emission Tester, the Knight 600 Series. This will test for the emission for almost all of your tubes collection, from #26, 5U4, to 12AX7, even it covers some socket which both me and you might not (or never) familiar with. Physical condition is perhaps not really good. Comes with original wooden box and handle (some rust here and there). Unit is working, but I think it will need some calibration and good step-down transformer (this one has 115 Volt input). This is a nice tester, but only for “go-and-no-go” quick decision. I’m selling this because I don’t have any use of having two tube testers. I will keep my Hickok 539B as my future tester. One is enough. I have some copy/printed manual and also additional tube data (which not listed on the roll chart) for this Knight 600B and will give to the new owner. Off course, you can always use the roll chart for most of the time, if your tube is listed there.

Condition: Need some calibration and wood working, considering this is over 40 or 50 years old unit. Unit power on and can be used to measure tube for emission. But for best result, I would suggest to do some calibration (which is not too difficult if you know some about electronics).

Asking price: Contact me! Only for serious buyer who knows what he/she is buying!

Your thoughts here
  1. Sukses buat Lapaknya pak Jim..


  2. He he he, kalo buat Kumendan nanti bisa diaturkan lah πŸ˜‰

  3. Ndan, sudah waktunya pakai capacitor bambu kayaknya …. hehehehe …. go for it, Ndan ….

  4. Racunnnnnn terusssss!!!!!

  5. Hello Jimmy, saya ada masalah dengan meter tube tester, dimana bisa contact you? Email and phone number please. THanks

  6. Saya sudah jawab via email.

  7. Nice blog. I see you are selling your DACT attenuator. I have found that I prefer the sound of ‘ladder style’ attenuators over series attenuators. Maybe you do as well? I have made a couple pairs of mono ladder attenuators with low cost switches and resistors. In my opinion these beat out the DACT.

  8. Hi Darius,
    No, I sell because I have two. I have used 1 and will send the other because I want to try other brands.
    I think most SMD like attenuator, like this DACT, tends to have “uncolored” sound (even with series). While most of the standard resistor based (with either cheap or expensive switches) tends to have colored sound based on what resistor that you use. I prefer ladder for this kind of attenuator, but series would be just fine with SMD resistor.

    Which one is the best? It’s your call. But cheap switches wont last long, that’s why I avoid it except for cheap project. Elma or Seiden is my preference, although you can get el-cheapo on eBay for fraction of price, but they wont last long – I’ve been there before.


  9. Sorry that I’m too lazy to research price conversion on your parts for sale. But what is currency Rp??? To US dollar


  10. Hi Teng,
    1 US$ equals to Rp 9000.
    Please be noted that we use “period” as thousand separator, instead of “comma”.


  11. hello jimmy
    are an audiophile and I’m building manufacturer psu (preamp) (RC filter) and paranoia in regard to electrolyte
    What are the best on the market jensen 4 electrolytic poly? baypass?

    or do I make polypropylene (continental the best? baypassati? to myke elliot with dynamic caps?) and filter lc

    sound difference between LC and RC filters?
    rc currently use because most pure on wide frequency range!

    sandro colzi
  12. Hi Sandro,
    You can go with film caps, if you don’t like electrolytic.
    The best on the market probably Black Gate WKZ and for current production, Mundorf and Jensen are two name that you have to put on list. Mundorf has film caps for this power supply application, while Black Gate and Jensen probably stick with electrolytic one.

    LC will give lower noise and more “extra” power, but all of this is at extra cost. Bear in mind that you must have extra voltage on secondary winding, due to very high voltage drop after the rectifier.


  13. hallo pak jimmy, salam kenal…..

    apa Jensen 0.47 uF / 630 Volt Copper Foil/Paper Tube Paper-in-Oil Capacitor pair masih ada?

    tolong reply via email nett harganya, thanks….

  14. Hi Jimmy, I like your blog. I am looking for a tube tester, but I think I may need something more sophisticated than the Knight 600B if it is only good for “go/no go” decisions. What would I need to be able to match tubes? My brother-in-law is building me a guitar amp(here in Jakarta)using tubes I have bought from overseas that are supposed to be matched. He is good with electronics but is not experienced with tubes. Later we may need to match tubes ourselves as I want to build more amps. I also want to try different tubes. Is there anyone selling tubes in Jakarta? Do you provide a service to match them? If not, does anyone else?

    David Lennie
  15. Hi David,
    Yes, Knight is only for fun (we are talking at serious stage). I bought this long time ago, later I replace this one with the more serious model, Hickok 539B as below link:

    Sorry that I don’t provide a service to match tube.

    In Jakarta, there is several place to visit if you want to buy tubes, like Ricky (Bella-Audio), Thomas (Audiokitmania), and some other DIY which selling tubes (mostly personal, not on online), or you can also search in local forum like Kaskus. You can Google to find out more about these name/online stores. But I doubt anyone provide matching service as the tube tester mostly extinct like dinosaur πŸ˜‰

    To match tube, probably you need a serious tester which can measure the current at specific running voltage and load. Some professional like my Hickok 539B can do this, or you can go with newer generation and hassle-free Amplitrex Tube Tester (use Google to find out). But this kind of stuff could be pricey. The Hickok 539B in good condition probably will go over US$1000 (very expensive for over 60 years stuff), while the Amplitex could cost over US$ 2000 (but this one has most sophisticated latest technology with microprocessor inside).


  16. Hi Pak Jimmy,

    Resistor Duelund masih ada?
    Bales via e-mail saja please


    Denny Kang
  17. mau perbaiki speaker celestion ditton 662 ada tpt yg direkomendasikan td pak?, tidak harus purist, cepat yang penting bagus & tidak mahal, trims


  18. Hi,
    Rusak apanya Celestion-nya?

  19. Hi Jimmy,

    I was just wondering when you’ll be reviewing the new Duelund Alexander caps.

    Thanks, Nick

  20. Hi Nick,
    After several consideration, I don’t think I will review them at this moment. Probably later.

  21. mau tanya dunk pak jim… aku punya speaker altec lansing acs 56 kondisinya semua masih bagus…. cuman klo dicolok dilistrik speaker yang ada setelan bass, treble, mode dan volume lampunya nyala semua.. (biasanya ndak nyala semua..) trus klo dicabut dan dicolok ulank ke listrik ndak bisa nyala sama sekali… aku udah bawa persi servis keliling2 tp semua tukang servis angkat tangan.. semuanya cuman bilank IC nya udah lemah (rusak).. mesti diganti.. cuman IC nya itu katanya ndak ada yang jual.. benarkah begitu??? bingung juga nih.. bodynya dan speakernya masih mulus soalnya… mungkin penyebabnya bisa begitu karena suka mati lampu dan tegangan listrik naik turun tanpa pakai stabiliser… mohon dibantu yah pak jim…

  22. Halo Pak Dedy,
    Kalo barang branded seperti itu takutnya IC-nya khusus. Mungkin agak susah dicari di pasaran. Maaf tidak bisa bantu lebih jauh.

  23. Dear Jimmy ,
    was looking up tube selections for a 9 pin Aikido..when I found your page with the Aikido shootout.

    I have a modified Moskido Amp – ( Aikido 6SN7’s / buz900/905 )driven by balanced DAC inputs –

    Damn. You guys build gear the way I want mine to
    look !!

    Massive Kudos guys. I was very seriously impressed.

    You have all inspired me to do better.

    New Zealand

  24. Good luck PG…

  25. Pak Jimmy,
    DACT nya masih ada? Harganya boleh kurangin lagi gak pak? Japri yah kalo bisa. Thanks a lot.

  26. Hallo pak Jimmy

    Tolong pencerahan dong, sy punya integrated mono blok tube ak nya sangat mengganggu.
    (bekas engine nya tape reel Akai) kalau dihidupkan muncul suara gmeretak smakin lama smakin keras, diawali dgn kresek2. Kalau penguatan nya masih bekerja normal tapi ya itu suara gmeretak nya sangat mengganggu.
    Kira2 komponen apa ya penyebabnya?

    Trims atas bantuannya

  27. Hi Pak Bastian,
    Sulit untuk menerka tanpa melihat langsung. Saran saya sebaiknya dibawa ke tempat reparasi elektronik yang mengerti tabung. Bisa karena lampunya, socketnya, ataupun faktor2 external lainnya.


  28. Halo pak jimmy saya minat tube svetlananya saya sudah kirim email ke bapak saat ini saya mau mengganti rectifier tube bawaan ampli saya (toshiba 5u4gb) apakah compatibel kalau ya saya booked yah thanks

  29. Hi Pak Sugih,
    Maaf sudah sold 1pc, tapi saya belum update. Sisanya saya keep beberapa untuk pakai sendiri.

  30. Jimmy. Do you have WE417A tube? Need a matched pair. Please contact me directly on email if you have some to offer. Thanks, David

  31. Hi David,
    No, I only sell 5842. The WE417A is not for sale he he he…

  32. I understand. Thanks πŸ™‚

  33. Hello Bung Jimmy, Jensen Tube Paper 0.47/630volt best pricenya bisa tolong PM , tx

  34. Oom Jimmy,

    Sorry agak OOT nih, bingung mau nanya dimana.. Kalo di indo yang jual caps macam Elna & BlackGate yang terjamin asli & terpercaya dimana ya oom? Kalau ada yang online lebih baik lagi..
    Sy lagi belajar bikin ampli nih. Kalau menurut oom Jimmy karakter Elna Silmic ii VS Cerafine VS BlackGate gimana ya, any comments?
    Terima kasih oom, sukses terus !

  35. Hi Pak Peter,
    Mungkin bisa coba ke toko yang sudah terpercaya oleh rekan2 DIY. Di Glodok dan LTC ada. Coba aja tanya2 di milis atau forum DIY Indonesia (macamnya milis elpop-audio atau beberapa forum DIY lokal). Saya ga enak post disini ntar kesannya yang lain tidak terjamin πŸ™‚

    Kalo baru mulai, pake komponen biasa aja dulu Pak. Ntar baru upgrade pelan2. Tidak semua komponen mahal pasti bagus, karena ada karakternya masing2.

    Cerafine dan Black Gate ada banyak tipe dan tiap tipe tentunya berbeda karakter dan peruntukannya.


  36. salam kenal pak jimy sy ari mau tanya kl ada stock tube EL 84 nos add utk price nya..terima kasih

  37. Salam kenal Pak Ari,
    Untuk tube bisa coba mampir ke Glodok atau LTC.

  38. ok pak jimy tp sy tggl di semarang,sekalian mau tanya sy mempunya amplifier pioneer SM 83 yg akan sy restorasi ada referensi utk up grade pioneer tsb?

  39. Hi Pak Ari,
    Bisa telepon untuk pesan/kirim koq.
    Untuk restorasi sepertinya harus lihat dulu dalamannya apa, baru bisa dipertimbangkan mau direstorasi apanya.

  40. Salam kenal p.Jimmy. Saya pemula di audio, skr pakai integrated amp Miniwatt N3 (mungil minimalis). Kalau mau upgrade tabungnya, disarankan pakai tabung apa ya pak?
    Terima kasih sebelumnya.

  41. Hi Pak,
    Apakah ini pakai EL84 dan 12AX7?
    Mungkin bisa dicoba cari lampu yang lebih bagusan kelasnya atau NOS.
    Setelah itu mungkin upgrade parts.

  42. hello mr jimmy,

    minat ama Jensen 0.47 uF / 630 Volt and 1 uF / 630 Volt Copper Foil/Paper Tube Paper-in-Oil Capacitor.
    Minta no hp nya spy bisa negosiasi dan komunikasi.

    hp saya 0811258551
    Iwan di jogja

  43. barangnya mantab om, minat sama DACT nya tapi mahal banget ya, rencana buat aleph p1.7

  44. Hi,
    Barang biasa aja Om… Masih banyak yang lebih mantab lagi di luar sana πŸ™‚

  45. Pak jimmy, kalau ada asc x386s atau blue line lebih, saya mau dong..

  46. Hi Pak Handoko,
    Seingat saya di Bella Audio LTC masih ada. Silakan dicek.

  47. hi Pak Jimmy,
    bisa tolong email ke saya contact dari Bella Audio? saya beberapa kali email maupun telp, no response from them. Saya tidak berhabitat di Jakarta pak.

  48. Hi Pak Handoko,
    Contact Bella Audio ada di website-nya. Tidak ada yang lain lagi. Saya sih biasanya langsung ke sana, jarang telp apalagi email.

  49. Salam kenal masbro Jimmy, saya punya speaker Altec Lansing MX 5021, kebetulan speaker sebelah kanan atau kiri (saya lupa) bunyi krek…krek…kl pas di nyalain, sekalian bisa minta tolong modifkan biar sippp bisa kah?

  50. Hi Bro Ronny,
    Maaf saya tidak terima modifikasi, karena masih nguli juga sama orang lain. Tapi kalo sebatas konsultasi, selama saya bisa, saya pasti jawab.

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