Monthly Archives: July 2016

ATP Quantum Disc for Schumann Resonator

There is always something new and interesting in DIY audio world. That’s why this sort of endless journey for me. Meeting new friend, trying new setup, testing new “invention” (or tweak), sharing new combinations, and so on. This time, I...
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Tin Solder Experiment: Mixing Gold, Silver, and Tin

I have been waiting for quite some time to try this experiment: To try my own formula for tin solder. I own, test, and use a lot of tin solder from various brand, so this is the time to try...
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European Auto Sound Association (EASCA) 2009 CD

Definitely not a new CD, well as you can see, it’s dated on 2009. But high quality stuff lasts years and this CD is one good example. From the label itself, you can easily understand that this CD is meant...
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