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I’m quite sure most people will know this name ‘Jupiter Condenser Co.’ and its famous brand, Jupiter Beeswax Capacitor. I don’t really remember if there is any other brand using ‘beeswax’, but I can say that Beeswax capacitor is Jupiter.’

Unlike other brand which has moved to Copper foil long time ago, Jupiter is still consistent with Aluminum foil. One reason (probably) to maintain the affordable selling price. Other reason probably they have reached what they want in terms of sonic signature with the Aluminum foil.

Long story short, I received email from Christopher Young from Jupiter Condenser Co. He was asking whether I’m interested to try their new capacitor, with Copper Foil. Definitely I didn’t mind to try, but I also didn’t want to get it for free (as I always tried to be neutral when sharing my findings).

Chris didn’t mind, so he sent me an invoice, I paid it instantly (thanks to Paypal), then within around 2-3 weeks, finally I got his new capacitor.

I still remembered my first online transaction (probably over 12 years ago). I needed to go to a Bank to buy money order, sent by airmail to the seller, waiting him to clear the money order, then finally he would ship the goods, plus another few weeks waiting before I could get the goods. Now? Instant payment within minutes to anyone anywhere the world (though 3.5-4% charge by Paypal is a bit too much if you are paying more than 1K USD).

The first thing that I noticed when I received the goods was this is quite small capacitors. I just couldn’t believe how small it was. Well, I knew that size meant nothing ;-). Other capacitor that I could recall having similar size is Mundorf Supreme.

Jupiter is using pure silver leadout, similar with Jensen and Duelund. The leadout is soft one, also similar like Jensen and Duelund. Very different with Mundorf which is using a bigger diameter leadout (and also stiffer one).


Below is the comparison size between Jupiter HT Copper Foil, Paper, and Wax and two of my current favorite: Jensen Paper Tube Copper Foil and Duelund CAST Copper Foil (original ‘moon cake’ design, special order to Duelund with 2.0 leadout).

We will see how does this capacitor perform against its competitor. Also to be noted that Jupiter HT Copper Foil, Paper, and Wax is quite (or very) affordable compared to capacitor at its level. Even I would say it’s the cheapest among others.


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14 Responses to “Jupiter Capacitor HT Copper Foil, Paper, and Wax”

  1. Erik says:

    Pak Jimmy ditunggu segera review sama comparisonnya ya hehe


  2. tien chee says:

    Could you also try if it’s good as a psu bypass cap? Thanks

  3. Auw Jimmy says:

    Havent tried it yet… But I don’t think it will be a good one… I could be wrong, though….

  4. Frank Rizzello says:

    Hello Jimmy,

    Your comments on capacitors have been extremely useful to me in the past and I thank you for that. However, with all due respect, please forgive me for saying this but….

    You and Tony Gee have no comment on the Jupiter Copper Foil Paper and Wax capacitors after three months. Three months??? A capacitor, I might add, that was designed to challenge the very best at a bargain price and therefore almost demands to be treated in a timely fashion.
    Only Jonathan Lo has commented in a timely fashion, and if you read between the lines his words are most enlightening.
    Even the large capacitor thread on Audiogon has been inexplicably almost silent.
    This whole situation is somewhat unbelievable when you consider that we are all audio-holics!!
    I am about to make my own comparisons as I am at the end of my patience.

    This silence from both of you is deafening. If you get my drift.

    Please don’t feel like you must post this. I really don’t mind if you don’t and please do not be offended as that was not my intent.
    And again, thank so much for all of your fine work.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for being so honest. No problem for me at all.

    First, I would like to apologize as I would be off from these “hardcore” activities for at least another next few months. You might realize that I haven’t written a serious project later these days. Well, I have some on hand, but due to one or two personal reasons, I’m not able to deliver that to this blog at present time (it would be for sure later). I would still be writing some “light” articles or news, but might not be a serious activities that would consume hours to complete.

    Second, yes we are audio-holics, and for sure I’m still considering myself like that. But as you might also realize, this is just purely hobby (at least for me). So sometime I need to allocate my time for doing other important stuffs, so this hobby must be put aside sometime.

    Third, not quite sure why the others are doing the same (Tony should be quite enthusiast as he likes to cook the caps! Kidding). I also know one of my good colleague, Rob from, which has tried this capacitor. You might try to have a look on his website. As you have mentioned, Jonathan Lo also has made a nice comment on this capacitor.

    Finally, I would consider this Jupiter as a serious contender in affordable to mid priced capacitor range. It might not be as sweet as Audio Note or Jensen Paper Tube, as it has a bit more sparkling high (not without a trade off on the other aspect). It would be interesting to have a real battle with my Duelund CAST PIO Copper and Silver (be noted that my Duelund CAST is the “moon cake” version, not the “tubular” version which is now selling in most online shop). The “moon cake” is original version. Due to the size and construction, it might sound different with the “tubular”. I have no idea since I’ve never tried the “tubular” one.

    And unfortunately, what I don’t really have now is time… Simply I can’t write a serious review without having a serious listening test – especially it would be a comparison with different brand which is quite sensitive sometime ;-). I might have few words of comments as I have listened it briefly, but surely not a full comparison review (like I used to do) until it passes my standard testing/listening/comparison test.

    That’s all I can share…


  6. Frank Rizzello says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for the quick reply, and i am especially glad I have not offended you as that was not my intent.

    I am sad to hear that you will not have much time for complete reviews as you were one who usually hit bulls-eyes in very few words which is what we all need more of.
    Many reviewers are frustrated writers of too many words and when you add the fact that they accept advertising, then almost the whole thing goes out the window. And of course they would never review a capacitor!!!

    I did not mention DHTRob because his comparison to his favorite cap which is teflon disqualifies him as any kind of really meaningful review of the Jupiter copper cap. The review has no bearing whatsoever to other good non-plastic caps. It is more a diary than a review.

    Thanks for your brief words on the Jupiter cap.

    And thanks so much again for all your good work.

    Warmest regards,

  7. chris says:

    ….especially it would be a comparison with different brand which is quite sensitive sometime ;-).
    that line explaine all to me,…especially when you trying to bring your own capacitor to the market, than i guess is better to keep quiet :-)

  8. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Frank,
    I respect people’s opinion. And with such subjective topic like “audio”, I think it’s worth to hear and respect other. That’s why if you read my review, most of the time I avoid the word “bad” as people will translate “bad” as “no good”. In audio, I prefer to categorize “bad” as “not my cup of tea”. Quite sure my tea and yours are different.

    I recommend you to hear and try yourself when you got chance. It’s definitely better than reading any review, including mine 😉

    Rob has similar taste with me on iron like Tamura, but yes we have a bit different “cup of tea” for Teflon. This is definitely a common thing in audio. We call it as “personal preference”…

    Thanks for commenting on this.

  9. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Chris,
    Now I start to understand where you are heading to, although I still don’t get any point why you are heading that way. To be honest, I don’t even think that far…

    I’m building my own capacitor to fulfill my own “personal preference” – which I’m missing from the famous Black Gate WKz. Yes it costs a lot of effort to build such thing from scratch. But I’m seeing this as a proof of what I have done (and learned) so far.

    I don’t see electrolytic as an interesting business in audio industry for most brands, except if you are supplying consumer electronic stuff like DVD Player, TV, computer, or home stereo set. For high end or DIY customer, the choice is definitely very limited.

    So, no surprise if it’s very less brand making electrolytic now – except big factories like Elna, Nichicon, Mundorf, and mostly China brand which is supplying those consumer electronic’s demands.

    Most high end manufacturer keep saying film capacitor is the best, and everyone is making their own film capacitor as you can see on TonyGee’s website which is keep growing (maybe he will need bigger pan to cook all those capacitors;).

    I have different opinion on that, which I think an improved electrolytic is still needed (and somehow superior) in power supply application. Maybe it’s not a coincident that Audio Note also doing the same now with their Black Gate replacement.

    If it eventually someone likes my capacitor, it’s probably because of coincident that he/she has similar taste with mine. But with the manufacturing cost at present time, I don’t even think my capacitor will hit the shelves.

    If you are thinking that I will keep quiet because I want to bring my capacitor to the shelves, then you are completely wrong. Even worst if you are thinking I will try to influence other by writing bad thing about other brands!

    I’m still what I used to be. If it’s good, it worth my good comment. If it’s not, I would say that it’s not my cup of tea. And I also open to hear “bad” thing about my capacitor after sending my capacitor to several beta tester.

    Last but not least, I believe customers are getting smart and smarter. If you are doing something fishy, they will smell it soon or later. You are putting your name at stake for such small thing. Very narrow minded to do that and it just doesn’t worth.

    Thank you.

  10. smithj says:

    tell us chris if u r representin one brand which jimmy doesnt like? maybe u r upset n trying to throw stupid coments around. no one force u to read his review. if u don’t like it just get lost back to ur bed n make ur own. keep up ur good work jim!

    ps: if I were jimmy d first thin I do is to delete chris garbage comment.

  11. Bobby says:

    What a garbage comment chris!
    Poor you!
    Keep goin Jimmy!
    Thanks man.

  12. Paul Lett says:

    I find most of this review of the Jupiter true except I find to my sytem the Jupiter Aluminum very natural sounding more so then a Mundorf Supreme and at least equal to the Mundorf Silver oil .maybe not as much air on top but the bees wax just sounds more natural with excellent harmony. I owned a stereo shop for near a decade in the U.K and had tons of equipment to mod. The Jupiter Copper has more resolutionthen the aluminum and richer ,the aluminum foil is a touch faster while still warm sounding excellent value.The Duelund cast is top dog ,i do find the Jupiter Copper more defined less round from midbass on down .upper details IMO.
    The duelund is a bit better. Not thst much 3-4 % for 5-6 x the cost you also need the room the duelund cast caps are Huge keep that in mind.

  13. Draco says:

    Hello Jimmy
    sorry this is out of topic, but do you have any experience with T – Amp Class??
    i have one with TK2050 paired with floorstand 86Db/Wm, it has about 30w/ch. it just lacking bass punch. i’m just curious is it sound signature of the T – Amp???
    or just lacking power???

  14. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Draco,
    I don’t think T-Amp has less bass (well it depends on your understanding of the bass itself).

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