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I used to review a lot of stuff, including capacitor. But it comes upon a time when I have to be reviewed – I mean, my stuff. If you haven’t got any chance to understand this ‘No Name’ Capacitor stuff, feel free to review the journey below:

When I wrote a post asking for testing this capacitor few months ago, I got several dozens of emails. It seemed many were interested to try (and surprisingly I got a lot of silent reader who never commented but suddenly applied for testing the capacitor). Quite unfortunate due to the sample limitation (and also the price), I couldn’t fulfill all of the request. Only some who were considered qualified were chosen. By the way, I still received a lot of emails several months after I posted the ‘vacancy’. Some of my good friends also got privilege to test this special capacitor. One of them is Rob, from Rob has similarity with me. I would say: RGN, Tamura, and Black Gate WKz could describe our similarity. And surely he didn’t mine to borrow me his ears testing this capacitor and share his comment on his website here. Comparison between ‘No Name’ Capacitor and the legendary Black Gate WKz.


I believe Nichicon is not on the same league with this ‘No Name’ Capacitor, but what Rob says regarding the ‘no electrolytic signature’ and ‘no harshness’ are two keys that could describe the ‘No Name’ Capacitor sonic signature.


Different generation and technology, but with similar objective to bring the ‘Nirvana’ sound signature into the system’s power supply section. Both will be used on my ‘Reference Aikido Pre Amplifier’ which is still on progress – a very long and delayed project.


‘No Name’ Capacitor will have a new aluminum label instead the ‘el cheapo’ sticky paper. So it will be on the level to compete with the legendary Black Gate WKz in terms of sonic and also appearance.


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18 Responses to “‘No Name’ Capacitor Reviewed on”

  1. Jimmy Alexander Elie says:

    mantap pak Jim……lanjutkan pak! Meski bukan diyer senior dan berdana pas2an, tolong jangan lupakan saya diinfokan jika udah launch ya pak Jim. Salam buat keluarga anda dan God bless

  2. triodethom says:

    Look like you have done well so how about a price ?

  3. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Pak Jimmy,
    Terima kasih atas doanya Pak.
    God Bless!

  4. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Triodethom,
    I’m still trying to find a way to make it cheaper. But unfortunately, I think it’s still too expensive for most consumer. Will see if it can find way to the market.

  5. CKKeung says:

    The ‘No Name’ looks quite similar to Duelund’s new RS Copper Foil?

  6. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi CKKeung,
    Chassis wise, I believe they are the same in terms of the material.
    They are all Paper Tube.

  7. D says:

    mantap om jim..sayang saya telat waktu itu..hahaha

    harga kalo dibandingin sama WKZ tinggian mana om?..

  8. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Bro,
    Harga WKz memang berapa sekarang bro?

  9. D says:

    ga tau juga om :p
    ga pernah berani nanya harganya sih..takut kena serangan jantung :p

  10. Auw Jimmy says:

    Nah ya kalo gitu susah Om.
    Terima kasih.

  11. Alvin says:

    Untuk harganya brp ya om?..

  12. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Bro Alvin,
    Harganya masih terbilang sangat mahal, sehingga saya belum putuskan apakah jadi diproduksi atau tidak.
    Terima kasih.

  13. Alvin says:

    Ohh .. ok klo gt om

  14. Heru says:

    is that around $5-$6/piece may be?! (but of course multiplied by x100). ha~~~

  15. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Bro Heru,
    More or less, a bit less, I think… 😉
    Terima kasih.

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