Posted on Thursday, 6th February 2014 by Auw Jimmy

This is indeed a nice F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB. Well designed one, good option and flexibility, and surely good quality fabrication.

Time to shop for the parts? 😉


BJT Input option.


Plug it here…


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4 Responses to “F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB”

  1. Didiet says:

    F5 Turbo yang versi berapa pak ?


  2. Auw Jimmy says:

    Versi 3.
    Terima kasih.

  3. Abut says:

    hemmmmmm dah buruan buka plastiknya trus colok2 deh.

  4. Auw Jimmy says:

    colok pake saham, Om Abut?

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