Monthly Archives: November 2011

New Auricap XO Capacitor

So far, Auricap is one of my trusted capacitor brand – in power supply section. I still remember ‘few’ years back (when using this capacitor for the very first time) and comparing with Solen, Hovland, and Bennic XPP in my...
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Removing the Old Tube Socket

During the upgrading process, the old Ceramic tube socket also got new replacement to the Teflon one. The problem is, the process to remove the old tube socket will not be an easy job, as removing other parts. Why? Because...
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Aikido Preamp Make Over

As I’m about to move my Aikido Preamp to a new ‘home’ (I mean, new chassis), then it’s time to fix all the components used there. Before, I have tested several components on different section and later then I got...
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