Posted on Saturday, 12th December 2009 by Auw Jimmy

Just arrive, could be my last “considered high end” capacitor… I welcome you, Audio Note Copper Foil Mylar in Oil 0.47uF/630Volt.

I do love the beautiful elegant copper appearance from this capacitor. It just wonderful and good looking (maybe I’m too bored with “brown paper” from Jensen and Duelund). How does this thing sound? Will see, later, don’t expect me to test it soon, since quite busy these days.


A little comment from me. The leads are too fragile, not rigid – compared to Jensen, Duelund, or one of the stiffest leads ever, the Mundorf. But this perhaps due to the usage of 99.99% pure silver leads by Audio Note. Just treat her well (never bend the leads too hard or frequently change the leads orientation), I think she will be just fine.


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10 Responses to “Audio Note Copper Foil Mylar in Oil Capacitor”

  1. Arie says:

    One comment: Wuuuihhhh….. 😀

  2. Kasan Santosa says:

    I think the Cap price equal to my whole DIY system…

  3. Jimmy Auw says:

    Ndak seberapa harganya koq Pak… tampangnya sih gorgeous hehehe…

  4. Josh says:

    Absolutely great caps, the silver ones are even better! Leads can be easily insulated with teflon sleeves. Great sounds, but good you got the new (reliable) Mylar version, as the old ones (non mylar ones) all break down eventually..

  5. Jimmy Auw says:

    Yes, another nice collection!

  6. francesco says:

    any news on these caps, thy are some of my fav and like them better then duelund vsf, the silver are fantastic, prices are well you know it right :-)
    looking forward to your review of how the stuck up against the others.

  7. richard says:

    I Jimmy
    did you compare the audio note to the duelund copper VSF?

  8. Auw Jimmy says:

    Hi Richard,
    I think the Audio Note tends to have too warmer sound. Quite different with VSF.


  9. tony says:

    Halo P’ Jimmy,
    Ada AN CFMiO yg 0,22µF/630 V ?

  10. Auw Jimmy says:

    Halo Pak Tony,
    Saya hanya punya sepasang 0.47 AN CFMiO yang mau saya lepas.
    Bekas saya pakai sendiri (hanya digunakan untuk comparison dengan Jensen), sudah break-in, lead tidak pernah terpotong, hanya pernah tersolder dengan WBT.
    Kalo mau yang baru, rasanya bisa cek ke Ricky Bella-Audio, mungkin beliau punya. Bilang aja tau dari saya.


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