Monthly Archives: September 2008

“Tip dan Trik ASUS Eee PC”

Nothing really important here, just want to publish my first book (scheduled on mid October 2008)… Before, I did some translation for some foreign books, but I decided to write my own. So this is the first one, and another...
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Notebook Power Consumption on Test

So far, I’m very anxious to see how much power I can save with my laptop (let’s say – if I turn of my screen, my speaker, my ODD, etc). Well, this time I have chance to test myself 😉...
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Diamond for Dummies: Some Basic to Pick Your First Diamond

Don’t ask me why I write this article. It’s just that… I like to learn new things… Everything. Just sometimes I get enough with my daily IT life, then why don’t I learn something new. Let’s say, a diamond 😉...
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