Monthly Archives: July 2007

A Journey to the CD/LP Shop at Taipei

I search at to find information about place who sells CD Audio/LP at Taipei, Taiwan. Then finally my search directed to a place around Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 3. I fired up my GPS (my new Holux M-1000) and my...
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Beautiful Sunset at Danshuei

I took few shoots at Danshuei, Taiwan with slightly different time and angle. Photos below are uploaded as-is, just resized with Photoshop. No level/contrast/brightness/sharpness adjustment....
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You Call It “Ice Monster”

Rolenth Wang took me to a place somewhere in Taipei. The place was called “Ice Monster”. They offered few menu and all of them were combination between fruit and ice. Yummy, very nice to eat such ice below the hot...
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