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  • Glenn Frey

RIP Glenn Frey, Guitarist and Singer of The Eagles

January 19, 2016
When the time has come, no one can refuse to go. Glenn Frey, guitarist and singer of The Eagles (well...
  • The Manley Headphone Amplifier _ Manley Labs

Manley Labs Headphone Amplifier

January 7, 2016
CES 2016 seems like the returning of vintage audio gear. After several turntables, next is we will see tube headphone...
  • Technics SL-1200GAE

Technics Grand Class SL-1200G and SL-1200GAE Turntable

January 6, 2016
The vintage classic player Technics SL-1200 was well known as one of the legendary DJ turntable. Build like a tank...
  • NixieBulbOn1-NewYear

Happy New Year and New Cloud Hosting

January 1, 2016
First post in the year 2016 (still on Jan 1st). Happy New Year everyone! I have 2 major updates this...
  • Logo

Indonesia Hi-End Audio Club IHEAC Show 2014

November 13, 2014
Last week, located at Hotel Menara Peninsula, Jakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia Hi-End Audio Club or IHEAC held a high end Audio...
  • TriodeLoadlineCalculator_

Online Triode Loadline Calculator

August 27, 2014
There is an interesting website which allows us to simulate the triode loadline, or in other words: Triode Loadline Calculator....

DIY Corner

  • 1-Rigol_1054Z

Rigol DS1054Z: 4 Channels 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope

January 19, 2016
Rigol has launched new economic digital oscilloscope, Rigol 1054Z. Although considered as economic oscilloscope, but the specification is not that economic. Rigol equips this machine...
  • NixieBulbOn1-NewYear

Happy New Year and New Cloud Hosting

January 1, 2016
First post in the year 2016 (still on Jan 1st). Happy New Year everyone! I have 2 major updates this year. First, will have...
  • 0-SMD Converter

SMD to DIP Converter

October 23, 2015
As part of my modification plan (for my Korg MR-2000S), I will need to convert the SMD to DIP. That’s because all the original components...
  • 3-Korg Playing

Korg MR-2000S: Looking What’s Under the Hood

October 18, 2015
I have some spare time on this weekend, so I continue the pending journey from last time: Disassembling Korg MR-2000S. Before we continue, you might...
  • 1-Grayhill

Grayhill Rotary Switch + Texas Components TX2575 Resistor = Ultimate Volume Control?

October 10, 2015
One thing that might have been my habit is I like to go with ultimate option. Not necessarily to be the most expensive, but more...

Exotic Parts

  • YamamotoRCA

Yamamoto Teflon/Bronze Female RCA Jack

February 6, 2016
Many know Yamamoto for its Teflon tube socket. But maybe not many know about Yamamoto Teflon Female RCA socket. The center and external conductor are...
  • YamamotoMeter

Yamamoto DCmA Panel Meter and Female RCA Jacks

February 3, 2016
Yamamoto is well known for its Teflon tube socket. Yamamoto has a very wide range of Teflon tube socket, from standar Noval/Octal to very unique...
  • 7N7

RCA 7N7 Vacuum Tube (to Replace 6SN7)

December 26, 2014
It’s always interesting to try something new – especially vacuum tube. Sometime you can get something from unknown thing. I’m quite sure we are familiar...
  • JnK_Dual

J&K Audio Design Custom Level 4 Power Transformer

December 7, 2014
After a long time waiting, finally I got this transformer on hand – myself. This is the Ultimate Level 4 Power Transformer from J&K Audio...
  • transformer-finish

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer (More Pictures)

October 10, 2014
Ken sent me more pictures. It would be interesting as the production is entering the final stage. I will not write much about this transformer...

Friend / Event Visit

  • 7-Accuton

Testing Korg MR-2000S with Mr. AS at Serpong

January 17, 2016
I will start documenting my visit to some DIY friend. Due to privacy issue, I prefer not to document exact...
  • 1-System

Indonesia DIY Audio Gathering Bintaro XIV

December 23, 2013
It has been a while since the last gathering (Bintaro XIII). So finally at December 21st, the 14th Bintaro gathering...
  • 1-Measurement

Amplifier Measurement Day at Bintaro

July 14, 2012
It’s a sunny Saturday. It has been agreed to have a measurement of some amplifier to check their power output....
  • AD1865-ATP

Bintaro DIY DAC Competition

March 19, 2012
As usual, local audio DIY group in Indonesia held a routine group meeting and gathering. This time, the topic is...
  • 15_Sony CDP

DIY Audio Gathering at Bintaro (Indonesia)

August 1, 2010
Last week, we have a local DIY audio gathering at Bintaro (Indonesia). I took some photo, hope these could inspire...

In-House Project

  • 0-JimCapsDHTRob

‘No Name’ Capacitor Reviewed on

February 9, 2014
I used to review a lot of stuff, including capacitor. But it comes upon a time when I have to...
  • JimCaps1

‘No Name’ Capacitor: Nearly Final…

October 31, 2013
It’s almost perfect. Only need a final touch. Thanks for the great work of the manufacturer (which I can’t disclose...
  • 14-Rev1andRev2

‘No Name’ Capacitor Revision 2: To Know More (and To Review a bit)

June 6, 2013
Here is short review of  my ‘No Name’ Capacitor Rev. 2. Before, I have given short introduction here. So here...
  • 1-JimCap

‘No Name’ Capacitor Rev. 2

May 9, 2013
I believe you still remember this one? After some listening test, I decided to have another revision. It was a...
  • TestingJimCaps

Testing the New ‘No Name’ Capacitor

March 17, 2013
I believe you still remember this one? I think it’s time to give a short review of it. As comparison,...


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